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Mar 12, 2015
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You can now download the ebook of Material management in retail in PDF format. This is a resource for all MBA and management students.The lecture notes on Material management in retail is also available on this forum. The topics covered in this ebook are as follows:

Material management in retail

Overview of Material Management

Definition of Material Management and its Scope; Relation of Supply Chain Management with Material Management; Quality Assurance; MIS in Material Management; Organization of Material Functions; Material Planning; Overview of Material Requirement Planning.

Purchasing Procedures

Purchasing Procedures; Purchase Source Selection; Price Forecasting; Purchasing of Seasonal Commodities; Purchasing under Uncertain Situations; Purchasing Capital Equipment; International Purchasing; Preparing Purchase Documents; Purchasing Ethics; Negotiations; Vendor Management; E-commerce and Purchase Management.

Store Management

Definition of Store Management; Store Procedures; Incoming Material Control; Stock Accounting and Verification; Material Handling; Scrap Disposal; First in and First out; MIS Systems in Store Management; Documentation in Store Management; TQM Procedures in Store Management.

Inventory Control

Importance of Inventory Control; Inventory Classification; Inventory Valuation; Working Capital Requirement and Inventory Control; Economic Order Quantity Model; Codification; Catalogue Analysis; Value Engineering; Standardization; ABC Analysis; XYZ Analysis; Case Studies of Maruti Udyog and Asian Paints.

Input Systems of Inventory Management

Glossary of Material Management Terms; ABC Inventory Control; Sampling Plan; Acceptance Situations; Administered Price; Activity based Costing; Accounting Systems; Equation Cost; Acquisition Cost; Advance Payment; Airway Bill; Foreign Exchange Regulations.

Importance of Material Management

Evolution of Material Management into an Exacting Science; Knowledge Management in Material Management; Material Management and Material Science; Just In and Just Out; Import and Export Documentation in Material Management; Backward Integration and Material Management; Excise Documentation; Duty Drawbacks in Materials.

Importance of E-commerce

Definition of E-Procurement; Components of E-Procurement; Advantages of E Procurement; Improving Profits through E-Procurement; Implementation of E Procurement; Assessing an E- Procurement Package; Economics of Choosing an E Procurement Package; Expertise Needed for E-Pr Commerce.

ERP and its Implementation

Definition of ERP; Importance of ERP; Globalization and ERP; Documentation and ERP; Evolution of ERP; ERP Developing as an Exacting Science; Selecting the Software; Cost of Implementation.

Other Issues

Expertise to be Developed; Organizational Structure; Communication Skills; Key Result Areas; Management by Objectives; Stock out Situations; Engineering Spare Purchase; Raw Material Purchase; Recruitment and Training in the Material Management Function.


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