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Mar 12, 2015
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You can now download the ebook of Management of retail personnel in PDF format. This is a resource for all MBA and management students.

The key topics covered in this ebook for Management retail personnel are as follows:

Elements of retail organization. Objectives and tasks. Principles of retail organization.

Evolution Of Retail Organzation: Need of having a professional retail organizations. To capture markets, the need to have different types of retail organizations. Various function of a retail organization.Globalization and retailing.

Types Of Retail Organzation High Volume: Departmental store, hyper market, franchise organizations, merchandising conglomerates.Types Of Retail Organization Low Volume.Voluntary chains, retail Co-operative, Consumer Co-operative, Corporate chains.

Human Resource Management Overview: Gaining Competitive Advantages through Human Resource Management, Objectives of Human Resource, Management, The Human Resource Triad, Special HR Conditions Facing Retailers, Designing the Organizational Structure for a Retail Firm, Matching Organization Structure to a Retail Strategy, Organization of a Single-Store Retailer and National Chain Store, Merchandise Management, Store Operations.

Motivation, Commitment And Issues In retail Human Resource Management: Motivating Retail Employees, Policies and Supervision, Incentives, Organization Culture, Developing and Maintaining a Culture, Building Employee Commitment, Developing Skills, Empowering Employees, Creating Partnership Relationships. Managing Diversity, Legal and Regulatory Issues in Human Resource Management.

Customer Relationship Management: The CRM Process; Loyalty; Overview of CRM Process; Collecting Customer Data; Customer Database: Identifying Information: Privacy and CRM Program; Analyzing Customer Data and Identifying Target Customers; Identifying Market Segment; Identifying Best Customers; Developing CRM Programs; Customer.Retentions; Converting Good Customers and Best Customers; Dealing with Unprofitable Customers; Implementing CRM Programs.

You can easily download these lecture notes, eBook on Management of retail personnel below.


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