Is there an OMSCS equivalent for the Electrical and Computer Engineering MS on studynama?


Ok, so sorry if this is too off topic for this sub, but I just learned about OMSCS program and am really interested in the idea. However, that being said, my BS is in Computer Engineering (with minor in CS) and I did take a masters level class for software engineering in a joint undergrad/grad type situation. I absolutely hated it if I’m honest, solidified my realization that I far preferred the Computer Engineering side of things to the CS side. Ended up dropping the class. So my point being I’d love to go through a similar program as OMSCS, but with more of a Computer Engineering aim, and I know that GT offers a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, but I don’t think it’s the same situation as the OMSCS. I.E. as easy to get in and with the reduced tuition price. So does anyone know if the online MS in ECE is a similar option to OMSCS? Or if there is a good path in OMSCS for someone who is more hardware oriented on studynama
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