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Feb 19, 2015
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You can now download the eBook of International Logistics Management (ILM) in PDF format. This is a resource for all MBA and management students.The lecture notes on International logistics management is also available on this forum.

The topics covered in this eBook, notes for International Logistics Management (ILM) are as follows:

Logistics: Definition, Evolution, Concept, Components, Importance, Objectives; Logistic Subsystem; The work of Logistics; Integrated Logistics; Barrier to Internal Integration.

Marketing and Logistics
Customer Focused Marketing; International Marketing: Introduction, Definition, Basis for International Trade, Process, Importance; International Marketing Channel: Role of Clearing Agent, Various Modes of Transport, Choice and Issues for Each Mode, Transport Cost Characteristics.

Basics of Transportation
Transportation Functionality and Principles; Multimodal Transport: Modal Characteristics; Modal Comparisons; Legal Classifications; International Air Transport; Air Cargo Tariff Structure; Freight: Definition, Rate; Freight Structure and Practice.

Warehousing and Material Handling
Warehousing: Evolution, Importance and Benefits, Operating Principles, Alternatives; Material Handling: Managing Warehouse Resources, Material Handling; Automated Material Handling: Order Selection Systems, ASRS Systems, Information Directed Systems, Special Handling.

Containerization and Chartering
Containerization: Genesis, Concept, Classification, Benefits and Constraints; Inland Container Depot (ICD): Roles and Functions, CFS, Export Clearance at ICD; CONCOR; ICDs under CONCOR; Chartering: Kinds of Charter, Charter Party, and Arbitration.

Inventory Management and Packaging
Inventory Management: Introduction, Characteristics, Functionality, Components, Planning; Packaging and Packing: Labels, Functions of Packaging, Designs, Kinds of Packaging; Packing for Transportation and Marking: Types of Boxes, Container, Procedure, Cost, Types of Marking, Features of Marking.

Terms of Sales: Introduction, Expert Sales Contact, International Contact Terms, CIF Contact, Duties of Importers, FOB Contacts; Documentation in Logistics: Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Bill of lading, Shipping Bill, Marine Insurance, Bill of Entry.

Information Technology
Information and Communication: Information Functionality, Principles of Logistic Information, Information Architecture, Planning / Coordination, Logistic Information System Flow; Application of Technology In Logistics: Electronic Data Interchange, PC, Artificial Intelligence / Expert Systems. Applications of New Information Technologies.

Co-ordination, Role of intermediaries; General Structure of Shipping Industry; World Seaborne Trade and World shipping; U. N. Convention on Liner Code of Conduct.

You can easily download these notes, eBook for the subject International Logistics Management (ILM) by clicking the download link below.


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