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Mar 15, 2017
hi friends

Here i have uploaded lecture notes/ebook for the topic Internal Combustion Engine. These notes are of high quality and will definitely help you to prepare well for your semester exams.

Topics covered:

  • Module - I
1. Introduction: Classification of IC engines, working cycles, comparison of two stroke & four stroke engines, Comparison between SI & CI engines. (2)
2. Fuel combustion &Fuel injection: Structure & composition of IC engine fuel, Fuel rating properties of fuel, Fuel additives and non-petroleum fuels. Fuel air requirement for ideal normal operation,

  • Module - II
3. Ignition &combustion in IC Engines: Battery, magneto & Electronic ignition systems, Ignition timing, spark advance mechanism. Stages of SI engine combustion, Effect of engine variables on ignition lag flame front propagation. Abnormal combustion, pre-ignition & detonation,

  • Module - III
4. Testing and performance: Power, Fuel and air measurement methods, performance of SI and CI Engines, Characteristics curve. Variables affecting performance and methods to improve engine performance.(5)
5. Cooling and Lubricating Systems, Engine Emission & Controls: Air cooling and Water cooling system,

  • Module, IV
6. Gas turbines: Introduction, open & closed cycle gas turbines, Constant volume &constant pressure cycles. Thermodynamic analysis of ideal basic cycle with regeneration reheat & intercooling

These notes can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.