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Dear IELTS Aspirants,

Here I am sharing an IELTS Reading Completion Type of Questions with Answers, Tips & Examples.

The IELTS Reading section test lasts 60 minutes. Within that time, you must complete three separate sections with a total of 40 questions. You must also transfer your answers onto a separate answer sheet (there is no extra time given for this). The Reading paper has three separate sections. Each section is a little more difficult than the one before and features authentic reading passages. The Academic module contains three long texts of an academic nature. The General Training module features a mixture of long and short texts of a more general nature, as well as texts related to work situations.

The following Six type of questions are usually asked in the IELTS Reading Test:

- Multiple Choice
- Completion
- Heading Matching
- True/False/Not Given (or Yes/No/Not Given)
- Short Answers
- Matching I Classification

Here, on this page, I have attached this IELTS Reading Completion Type of Questions with Answers, Tips & Examples for direct download and use in PDF format. I hope this helps you in preparing for the IELTS Reading exam.



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