Heat & Mass Transfer quick revision PDF Hand written notes, book for Mechanical Engg. Third Year


Hello Mechanical Engineering students, I am sharing the Heat & Mass Transfer PDF hand written class lecture notes, book as per the Mechanical Engineering Third year course syllabus. These Heat & Mass Transfer quick revision notes will help you prepare on the exam day and score good marks.

List of topics covered in Heat & Mass Transfer quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book for Mechanical Engineering Third Year:

  • UNIT I CONDUCTION - General Differential equation of Heat Conduction– Cartesian and Polar Coordinates – One Dimensional Steady State Heat Conduction –– plane and Composite Systems – Conduction with Internal Heat Generation – Extended Surfaces – Unsteady Heat Conduction – Lumped Analysis – Semi Infinite and Infinite Solids –Use of Heisler’s charts.
  • UNIT II CONVECTION - Free and Forced Convection – Hydrodynamic and Thermal Boundary Layer. Free and Forced Convection during external flow over Plates and Cylinders and Internal flow through tubes .
  • UNIT III PHASE CHANGE HEAT TRANSFER AND HEAT EXCHANGERS - Nusselt’s theory of condensation – Regimes of Pool boiling and Flow boiling. Correlations in boiling and condensation. Heat Exchanger Types – Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient – Fouling Factors – Analysis – LMTD method – NTU method.
  • UNIT IV RADIATION - Black Body Radiation – Grey body radiation – Shape Factor – Electrical Analogy – Radiation Shields. Radiation through gases.
  • UNIT V MASS TRANSFER - Basic Concepts – Diffusion Mass Transfer – Fick’s Law of Diffusion – Steady state Molecular Diffusion – Convective Mass Transfer – Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer Analogy –Convective Mass Transfer Correlations.
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