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Feb 19, 2015
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Hello MBA students,

This ebook of Globalisation for all management and MBA students. You can easily download this PDF and study. There are few lecture notes that i have on important topics of Globalisation, will also share soon. However, you can comment in the box below if you want some other ebook.The content in this ebook is as follows:


Globalization and Economic Models of International Trade

Definition, Dimensions and types, Antiglobalization origin and dynamics, Organized antiglobalization, Economic models of International trade, International trade theory, Factor intensity reversal, Product Life cycle theory, New trade theory and its implications.

National Differences in Political Economy

The political environment, Political and Legal influences on International Business, Political system and its functions, Formulating and implementing political strategies, Culture environments, Economic environment ,Key issues that influence International Business.

WTO and India

WTO Origin and Organization, WTO and the Environment, Various rounds of WTO, India and WTO. Regional Economic Integration
Regional Economic integration, its levels, NAFTA, Economic Integration in America, Europe and Asia.

Foreign Exchange Market

Nature and Functions of foreign exchange markets, Theories of exchange rate determination, Structural models of exchange rate determination, currency convertibility and implications of capital account convertibility in India.

Global Monetary System
History and collapse of fixed exchange rate system, Evolution floating exchange rate, Floating vs. fixed exchange rates, Global capital market-Recent crisis, Eurocurrency market, Foreign exchange risk.


Foreign Direct Investment Growth, Direction, Political ideology and types of FDI, Government policy and FDI Case of India and China.Politics of the Global Environment, Environmental legislations and their implications, Environmental laws in India, NGOs and Globalization, Globalization of civil society.

Future of Globalization

General outlook on globalization, Impact of world models on national states and societies, Globalizing the models.


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