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Feb 19, 2015
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This is a awesome ebook on Global financial marketing for all the student pursuing management courses or MBA. This ebook is in PDF format for you all to download. You can also find lecture notes and handouts in this section which will really help you during your exams.However, the topics covered in this ebook are as follows:

Global financial marketing

Balance of Payment

Introduction, Basics of Accounting Conventions, Objectives, Process and Importance of accounting conventions, Components of Balance of Payments, Factors affecting the components, Indian Scenario.

Balance of Payment: Foreign Scenario

Foreign Exchange Markets, Export and Import of Goods and Services, Trade Balance, Merchandise Trade Balance.

A Frame work for Global Finance-I

Financial markets, Measures and Significance of Global Financial Markets, Domestic and Offshore markets and their significance

A Frame work for Global Finance-II

Measures and Significance of Euro Markets, Interest rates in the Global Money Markets, Overview of Money Market Instruments.

International Equity Investment

Introduction, Risk and Return from Foreign Equity Investment, Equity Financing in International Markets and its Mechanism.

International Capital Markets

Mechanism of International Capital Market, E- Money Market Instruments, and Major Market segments, International Financing Decision. International Monetary Fund and European Monetary Unit Fixed Exchange Rate Systems, European Monetary Systems, Exchange rate Mechanism, Economic and Monetary Union.

Financial Management in an MNC

Basics of Short term Financial Management in an MNC, Short term borrowings and Investments, Investing Surplus funds.

International Cash Management

Objective, Centralized and Decentralized cash Management, advantages and Disadvantages, Cash Transmission.


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