Geotechnical engineering - 2 notes, ebook pdf download for civil engineers


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In this page, I am sharing with you lecture notes in PDF format for Geotechnical Engineering - 2 subject for civil engineering students.

This ebook of geotechnical engineering 2 contains the following modules:

Module I
Stress distribution in soil: Boussinesq equations, Stress isobar and pressure bulb concept, pressure distribution on horizontal and vertical planes, stresses due to point load, line load, strip load, uniformly loaded circular and rectangular areas. Use of newmark‟s chart. Westergaard‟s solution. Approximate methods (point load method, two-to-one load distribution method). Contact pressure distribution due to loaded areas. Concept of active zone.

Lateral earth pressure and retaining structures: Earth pressure at rest, active and passive earth pressure. Earth pressure theories, Rankine‟s theory, Coloumb's wedge theory, Rebhann's and Culmann‟s graphcal methods, stability conditions for retaining walls. Stability of earth slopes: Stability of infinite slopes, stability analysis of finite slopes, Swedish method of slices, fiction circle method, Bishop‟s method. Use of Taylor stability number. Fellnious metod for locating centre of critical slip circle.

Module, III
Subsoil exploration: Methods, direct (test pits, trenches), semi-direct (borings), indirect (sounding, penetration tests, and geophysical methods). Planning of exploration programme, spacing and depth of boring, soil sampling, types of samples, standard penetration test, static and dynamic cone penetration test, in-situ vane shear test. Seismic refraction method, electrical resistivity methods

Shallow foundation: Introduction, bearing capacity, methods and determination of bearing capacity, settlement of foundations. Deep foundation: Classification of pile, pile driving methods, pile capacity (static and dynamic analysis) pile-group analysis, load test on piles.

You can easily download these notes for Geotechnical Engineering - 2 by clicking the link below.


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Thanks for the amazing study material on Geotechnical engineering. Loved it!


Fantastic civil engineering study material on Geotechnical engineering subject. I just loved the detail and conciseness in the notes for easy understanding. Good luck!