Engineering graphics pdf notes, handout & ebook for first year engineering

Feb 28, 2015
Hey Fellow Engineers!

I am sharing the class lecture notes/ebook for the subject Engineering graphics for first year engineering students. This subject is common for all branches for the first year students. This ebook of Engineering graphics is in PDF format which is easily downloadable.

The following topics are covered in this notes/ebook:

UNIT 0: Importance of Engineering Graphics – use of drawing instruments. BIS Conventions, specifications, layout of drawings, Lettering and dimensioning

UNIT I: PLANE CURVES AND INTRODUCTION TO ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION (Curves used in Engineering Practices): Construction of Ellipse, parabola and hyperbola by eccentricity method only. Construction of CYCLOID, INVOLUTE OF SQUARE AND CIRCLE only. Drawing normal and tangent to the above curves.

INTRODUCTION TO ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION: Principle of 1st angle and 3rd angle projection. Projection of points situated in all the four quadrants. Problems involving projection of points, projection of two points situated in different quadrants.

UNIT II: PROJECTION OF STRAIGHT LINES AND PLANES [FIRST ANGLE]: Projection of straight lines, situated in first quadrant only, inclined to both horizontal and vertical planes – LOCATION OF TRACES ONLY. Determination of true length and true inclinations of straight lines from the projections (not involving traces) Projection of plane surfaces like rectangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, circle- surfaces inclined to one reference plane.

UNIT III: PROJECTION OF SOLIDS AND SECTION OF SOLIDS: Projections of prism, pyramid, cone and cylinder, axis inclined to one plane by change of position method. Section of above solids in simple vertical position (axis perpendicular to HP alone) by planes either inclined to HP or VP alone- True shape of section.

UNIT IV: DEVELOPMENT OF SURFACES AND ISOMETRIC PROJECTION: Development of lateral surfaces of vertical prism, cylinder pyramid, and cone truncated by surfaces of inclined to HP alone. Development of surfaces of vertical cylinder and prism with cylindrical cut outs perpendicular to the axis. Isometric projection of solids like prism, pyramid, cylinder and cone; combination of any two; truncation when solid is in simple vertical position, by a cutting plane inclined to HP.

UNIT V: FREE HAND SKETCHING AND PERSPECTIVE PROJECTION: Free Hand sketching of front view, top view and a suitable side view of simple components from their isometric views. Normal perspective of prism, pyramid, cylinder & cone in vertical position by visual ray method only.