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Feb 22, 2015
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Dear friends!

In this thread on studynama, i am sharing with everyone the lecture notes on the subject Elements of team building. This ebook in the PDF format will help you in your studies and research on the subject Elements of team building.

The following topics are covered in this ebook/lecture notes:

Groups: Definition; Work Groups and Families; Individuals and Groups; Organizations and Communities; Participation Pattern; Communication; Cohesiveness; Factors of Cohesiveness; Cohesive Group; its Advantages and Disadvantages; Essentials of Morale; Elements of Developing as Persons, Individuals and Individualists.

Group Building and Maintenance: Needs of a Group; Needs of Leadership; Functions and its Implications; Group Processes; Decision Making; Responses to Authority; Fight and Flight; Defense Mechanisms; Group Building and Maintenance: Objective; Coping with Conflict; Responses to Conflict - Pros and Cons; Necessity of Maintenance in a Team; Communication within Groups: Objective; Subgroups; Effects of Inter-group Conflict; Transactions between Groups; Relationship of Group with Environment; On Competition and Cooperation.

Group Dynamism: Objective; Stages of Group Development; Group Skills; Accelerating Development; Roles Revisited: Objective; Team Roles; Management Teams: Line and Staff Roles; Responsibility Charting; Clarifying Roles; Building the Collaborative Organization: Definition of Team Collaboration; Collaborative Work Systems as a Solution; Collaborative Competencies; Collaborative Culture.


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