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Hello Fellas,

Check out the PDF of Elements of Electrical Machines for the students studying in Electrical engineering branch. This ebook is very useful and can help you score really well during your exam.

The key topics covered in these lecture notes, eBook of Elements of Electrical Machines are as follows:

Module I
  • Construction and principle of operation
  • E.M.F. equation, types of generator
  • No load and load characteristics, Voltage build-up of shunt Generator
  • Voltage regulation, Application D.C. Motor
  • Back E.M.F, torque and speed equations
  • Speed control of series and shunt motors
  • Characteristics and performance curves
  • Motor starters
  • Losses and Efficiency of D.C machines
Module II
  • Single phase Transformer
  • Construction and principle of operation
  • E.M.F. equation
  • Phasor diagram
  • Actual and approximate equivalent circuits
  • Open and short circuit tests, voltage regulation
  • Losses and efficiency
  • Three Phase Transformer
  • Construction and principle of operation
  • Connection of three single,phase units in wye, delta, open delta configurations
  • Autotransformer; conventional transformer connected as Autotransformer
  • Special Transformers, induction heating and high impedance and high frequency transformer
  • Three- phase construction and principle of operation
You can easily download these pdf notes, eBook for the subject Elements of Electrical Machines by clicking the link below.


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