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Feb 28, 2015
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Hi Fellows,

I am sharing the lecture notes of Electric energy generation, conservation & utilization for students in Electrical engineering branch.This ebook covers the most important topics. You can easily download the PDF and the modules covered in this ebook are as follows.

UNIT I GENERATION - Generation of electrical power by conventional methods: A brief review, Electrical systems in Aircrafts and Ships, Distributed Generation (DG): Prospects and challenges, Effect of DG on system operation.

UNIT II CONSERVATION - Economics of generation, Definitions, Load curves, Number and size of units, Cost of electrical energy, Tariff, Need for electrical energy conservation, Methods, Energy efficient equipment, Energy management, Energy auditing, Economics of power factor improvement,Design for improvement of power factor using power capacitors, Power quality, Effect on conservation.

UNIT III ILLUMINATION AND ELECTROLYTIC PROCESSES - Nature of radiation,Solid and Plane angle and its relation, Definition, Basic Laws Photometry, Lighting Schemes, Lighting calculations, Design of illumination systems (for residential,industrial, commercial, health care, street lighting, sports, administrative complexes), Types of lamps, Energy efficiency lamps, Design of choke and capacitor, Electrolytic Process, Basic principles, Electra-deposition, Extraction and refining of metals methods, Power supply for electrolytic processes.

UNIT IV ELECTRIC TRACTION - Basic concepts of electric Traction, Requirements of an ideal traction system, Supply systems,Mechanics of train movement, Traction motors and control, Multiple units, Braking, Current collection systems, Recent trends in electric traction.

UNIT V ELECTRIC HEATING AND WELDING - Introduction, Methods of heating, requirement of heating material, Design of heating element,Electric Arc Furnaces, Induction Heating, Dielectric Heating, Electric Welding,Types of Resistance welding, Welding transformer and its characteristics, Thyristorised Control circuit of welding, Energy storage system for welding.

Please click the download link below to get Electric energy generation, conservation & utilization quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book, eBook file for Electrical Engineering Third Year syllabus.


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WoW! I can't believe I finally found the notes on energy generation, conservation & utilization as per Electrical engineering syllabus. I have been searching around for over 2 days now. :)
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