EE (EMI) Electrical measurements & Instrumentation lecture notes, pdf ebook


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Here is an excellent ebook of Electrical measurements & Instrumentation for Electrical engineering branch students. This PDF can easily be downloaded. I will also share the lecture notes and more topics on this subject.The modules covered in this ebook are as follows:

  • UNIT I FUNDAMENTALS - Functional elements of an instrument, Static and dynamic characteristics, Errors in measurement, Statistical evaluation of measurement data, Standards and calibration
  • UNIT II ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS INSTRUMENTS - Principle and types of analog and digital instruments,Voltmeters, Ammeters - Multimeters, Single and three phase wattmeters and energy meters, Magnetic measurements, Determination of B-H curve and measurements of iron loss, Instrument transformers, Instruments for measurement of frequency and phase.
  • UNIT III COMPARISON METHODS OF MEASUREMENTS - D.C and A.C potentiometers, D.C and A.C bridges, Transformer ratio bridges, Self-balancing bridges, Interference and screening, Multiple earth and earth loops, Electrostatic and electromagnetic interference, Grounding techniques.
  • UNIT IV STORAGE AND DISPLAY DEVICES - Magnetic disk and tape, Recorders, digital plotters and printers, CRT display, Digital CRO, LED, LCD and dot-matrix display, Data Loggers
  • UNIT V TRANSDUCERS AND DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMS - Classification of transducers, Selection of transducers, Resistive, capacitive and inductive transducers, Piezoelectric, optical and digital transducers, Elements of data acquisition system, A/D, D/A converters, Smart sensors.
CLICK HERE to download another ebook on Electrical measurements & Instrumentation.


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