Dynamics of Machinery quick revision PDF notes, book, eBook for Mechanical Engineering 2nd Year


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Hello Friends, You can now download the PDF format of ebook for the subject Dynamics of Machinery for Mechanical,Automobile and Industrial Production Engineering branch students.These lecture notes will help you alot and score really well during your examinations.

The topics covered in each unit of Dynamics of Machinery are as follows:

  • UNIT, I PRECESSION: Gyroscopes, effect of precession motion on the stability of moving vehicles such as motor car, motor cycle, aero planes and ships. Static and dynamic force analysis of planar mechanisms.
  • UNIT II FRICTION: Inclined plane, friction of screw and nuts, pivot and collar, uniform pressure, uniform wear, friction circle and friction axis : lubricated surfaces, boundary friction, film lubrication.
  • UNIT III Clutches: Friction clutches- Single Disc or plate clutch, Multiple Disc Clutch, Cone Clutch, Centrifugal Clutch.BRAKES AND DYNAMOMETERS : Simple block brakes, internal expanding brake,
  • band brake ofvehicle. Dynamometers, absorption and transmission types. General description and methods of operations.
  • UNIT IV TURNING MOMENT DIAGRAM AND FLY WHEELS: Turning moment, Inertia, Torque connecting rod angular velocity and acceleration, crank effort and torque diagrams, Fluctuation of energy, Fly wheels and their design.
  • UNIT-V GOVERNERS: Watt, Porter and Proell governors. Spring loaded governors, Hartnell and hartung with auxiliary springs. Sensitiveness, isochronism and hunting.
  • UNIT VI BALANCING: Balancing of rotating masses Single and multiple, single and different planes.
  • UNIT VII Balancing of Reciprocating Masses: Primary, Secondary, and higher balancing of reciprocating masses. Analytical and graphical methods. Unbalanced forces and couples, examination of multi cylinder in line and radial engines for primary and secondary balancing, locomotive balancing,Hammer blow, Swaying couple, variation of tractive efforts.
  • UNIT VIII VIBRATION: Free Vibration of mass attached to vertical spring, oscillation of pendulums, centers of oscillation and suspension. Transverse loads, vibrations of beams with concentrated and distributed loads. Dunkerly's methods, Raleigh's method. Whirling of shafts, critical speeds, torsional vibrations, two and three rotor systems. Simple problems on forced damped vibration Vibration Isolation & Transmissibility.
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