Cryptography and network security ebook/lecture notes pdf download

Mar 15, 2017
Hi CSE/IT engineering friends,

Here on this thread I am uploading high quality pdf lecture notes on Cryptography and network security. Hope these lecture notes and handouts will help you prepare for your semester exams.All the best.

Topics covered:
  • Module I
Introduction to the Concepts of Security: The need for security, Security Approaches,
Principles of Security, Types of Attacks. Cryptographic Techniques: Plain Text and Cipher
Text, Substitution Techniques

  • Module II
Computer-based Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithms: Algorithm Types and Modes,
An overview of Symmetric Key Cryptography,

  • Module III
Computer-based Asymmetric Key Cryptography: Brief History of Asymmetric Key
Cryptography, An overview of Asymmetric Key Cryptography

  • Module IV
Public Key Infrastructure: Digital Certificates, Private Key Management, The PKIX Model,
Public Key Cryptography Standards, XML, PKI and Security. Internet Security Protocols:
Basic Concepts, Secure Socket Layer

These notes can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below