Construction Planning & Scheduling - ebook, notes & PDF download


Hey Guys, Here are the lecture notes for CONSTRUCTION PLANNING & SCHEDULING in the PDF format that covers all the units in just 47 pages. This is a brief ebook version that will help you during revisions.

The topics covered in the notes, eBook for the subject CONSTRUCTION PLANNING & SCHEDULING are:

UNIT I CONSTRUCTION PLANNING - Basic concepts in the development of construction plans-choice of Technology and Construction method-Defining Work Tasks- Definition- Precedence relationships among activities-Estimating Activity Durations-Estimating Resource Requirements for work activities-coding systems.

UNIT II SCHEDULING PROCEDURES AND TECHNIQUES - Relevance of construction, schedules-Bar charts - The critical path method-Calculations for critical path scheduling-Activity float and schedules-Presenting project schedules-Critical path scheduling for Activity-on-node and with leads, Lags and Windows-Calculations for scheduling with leads, lags and windows-Resource oriented scheduling-Scheduling with resource constraints and precedence -Use of Advanced Scheduling Techniques-Scheduling with uncertain duration - Crashing and time/cost trade offs -Improving the Scheduling process, Introduction to application software.

UNIT III COST CONTROL MONITORING AND ACCOUNTING - The cost control problem-The project Budget-Forecasting for Activity cost control - financial accounting systems and cost accounts-Control of project cash flows-Schedule control-Schedule and Budget updates-Relating cost and schedule information.

UNIT IV QUALITY CONTROL AND SAFETY DURING CONSTRUCTION - Quality and safety Concerns in Construction-Organizing for Quality and Safety-Work and Material Specifications-Total Quality control-Quality control by statistical methods -Statistical Quality control with Sampling by Attributes-Statistical Quality control by Sampling and Variables - Safety.

UNIT V ORGANIZATION AND USE OF PROJECT INFORMATION - Types of project,information-Accuracy and Use of Information-Computerized organization and use of Information -Organizing information in databases-relational model of Data bases-Other conceptual Models of Databases-Centralized database Management systems-Databases and application programs-Information transfer and Flow.

You can easily download these notes/eBook on the subject CONSTRUCTION PLANNING & SCHEDULING by clicking the download link below.


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