Basic Electronics PDF eBook & Lecture Notes Download for First Year BTech



I am sharing the PDF eBook and notes for Basic Electronics as per the syllabus of First Year Engineering students. This eBook for Basic electronics will help you in your studies for your first year semester examination and assist you in getting good marks.

The following topics are covered in Basic Electronics PDF eBook & Lecture Notes:

UNIT-1 - Introduction to Electronics: Signals, frequency Spectrum of Signals, Analog and Digital Signals, Linear Wave Shaping Circuits: RC LPF, Integrator, RC HPF, Differentiator.

Properties of Semiconductors: Intrinsic, Extrinsic Semiconductors, Current Flow in Semiconductors, Diodes: p-n junction theory, Current-Voltage characteristics, Analysis of Diode circuits, Rectifiers, Clippers, Clampers, Special diodes

UNIT-II - Bipolar junction Transistor (BJTs): Physical Structures & Modes of Operation, Transistor Characteristics, DC analysis, Introduction to Small Signal Analysis, Transistor as an amplifier, The RC coupled amplifier, Introduction to Power Amplifiers, Transistor as switch.

Field Effect Transistors (FETs): Physical Structures & Modes of Operation of MOSFETs, MOSFET Characteristics, DC Analysis.

Feedback Amplifiers & Oscillators: General Principles, Different types of feedback amplifier (block diagram only), Properties of Negative Feedback, Barkhausen criteria for Oscillation.

Operational Amplifiers (OP-Amps): Ideal OP-AMP, Inverting Amplifier, Non-Inverting Amplifier.

Adder, Subtractor, Integrator, Differentiator.

UNIT-III - Digital Fundamentals: Binary Numbers, Signed-binary numbers, Decimal-to-Binary & Binary-to-Decimal Conversion, Binary Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Hexadecimal Number Systems, Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra, De Morgan's Theorems, Laws of Boolean Algebra, Basics of Flip flops, Shift Resistors, Counters.

UNIT-IV - Introduction to Electronic Instruments: CRO, Multimeter, Signal Generators. Principles of Communication: Fundamentals of AM & FM, Transmitters & Receivers

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