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Feb 19, 2015
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Hello BTech Computer Science & IT Engineering students, I am sharing the Automata Theory PDF class lecture notes, eBook, book as per the BTech CSE/IT Engineering course syllabus. These quick revision and summarized notes, eBook on Automata Theory will help you score more marks and help study in less time for your CSE/IT Engg. semester exams.

Key topics covered in Automata Theory quick revision PDF class notes, book, eBook for BTech Computer Science / IT Engineering:

  • Introduction to Automata: The Methods Introduction to Finite Automata, Structural Representations, Automata and Complexity. Proving Equivalences about Sets, The Contrapositive, Proof by Contradiction
  • Inductive Proofs: General Concepts of Automata Theory: Alphabets Strings, Languages, Applications of Automata Theory.
  • Finite Automata: The Ground Rules, The Protocol, Deterministic Finite Automata: Definition of a Deterministic Finite Automata, How a DFA Processes Strings, Simpler Notations for DFA's, Extending the Transition Function to Strings
  • The Language of a DFA Nondeterministic Finite Automata: An Informal View. The Extended Transition Function, The Languages of an NFA, Equivalence of Deterministic and Nondeterministic Finite Automata. Finite Automata With Epsilon-Transitions, Epsilon-Closures
  • Regular Expressions and Languages: Regular Expressions: The Operators of regular Expressions, Building Regular Expressions, Precedence of Regular-Expression Operators, Precedence of Regular-Expression Operators Finite Automata and Regular Expressions, Converting Regular Expressions to Automata.
  • Algebraic Laws for Regular Expressions: Properties of Regular Languages: The Pumping Lemma for Regular Languages, Applications of the Pumping Lemma Closure Properties of Regular Languages, Decision Properties of Regular Languages, Equivalence and Minimization of Automata,
  • Context-Free Grammars and Languages: Definition of Context-Free Grammars, Derivations Using a Grammars Leftmost and Rightmost Derivations
  • Parse Trees: Constructing Parse Trees, The Yield of a Parse Tree, Inference Derivations, and Parse Trees, From Inferences to Trees, From Trees to Derivations, From Derivation to Recursive Inferences
  • Pushdown Automata: Definition Formal Definition of Pushdown Automata, A Graphical Notation for PDA, Instantaneous Descriptions of a PDA
  • The Languages of a PDA: Acceptance by Final State, Acceptance by Empty Stack, From Empty Stack to Final State
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