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  1. Ranjith.ds

    Water Resource Engineering lecture notes/eBook for Civil Engineering - Free PDF Download

    Hi friends, I have uploaded high quality notes/eBook for the Civil Engineering subject - Water Resource engineering. It is a very important subject of the Civil Engineering course and I am sure these notes will help you prepare well for the semester exams. List of topics covered in Water...
  2. akshay

    MBA LAM project report on legal awareness & people?s participation on water resource management

    Hello Friends, Download the project presentation on impact of legal awareness & people?s participation on water resource management.This project is for MBA/PGDM students who have opted legal aspects of management as their subjects.1 Also, below mentioned is the content of the project Contents...
  3. Shaina.malhotra

    Btech ECE major project report on gsm based water pump control system

    Hi Students, Check out this new project for Btech ECE major project report on gsm based water pump control system. You can see introduction to this project below-1 Introduction The project aims is providing a user friendly, reliable and automated water pumping system for irrigation. Here the...
  4. Shaina.malhotra

    [DOC] Class 12 Chemistry Investigatory Project Report on Testing Rate of Evaporation of water, acetone and diethyl ether

    Hi Guys, Check out a new project on testing rate of evaporation of water, acetone and diethyl ether. This project is for class 12th chemistry students. This project is super interesting.Below i am sharing the objective and aim of the porject.1 Aim: To compare the rate of evaporation of water...
  5. Shaina.malhotra

    Class 12th Chemistry Investigatory Project on Sterilization of Water by Using Bleaching Powder

    Hi Fellas, I am sharing a very interesting Class 12th chemistry project on Sterilization Of Water By Using Bleaching Powder.Also, below is the description and content of the project report.1 Theory This Project deals with the process of purifying water and make it fit for drinking by the...