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  1. Robin.9

    Services Management eBook/notes/book for BCom final year/semester - free PDF download

    Hi friends, this thread contains quality notes/handout for the B.Com Third Year subject - Services Management, which can be downloaded in the PDF format. The notes are helpful for sixth semester BCOM students who are preparing for their semester exams. Hope these notes on Services Management...
  2. Robin.9

    Financial Services eBook/notes/book for BCom final - Free PDF Download

    Hi friends, on this thread I am uploading a high quality PDF eBook/handout notes on the B.Com Final Year subject - Financial Services. I hope these notes on Financial Services will really help you prepare for your B.Com semester exams. Topics covered in Financial Services PDF Notes, eBook for...
  3. Reuben.10

    Financial markets and services ELECTIVE handout/lecture notes for BBA students

    Hi, I am uploading high quality notes for the elective Financial markets and services which can be downloaded in pdf format. I am sure these notes will help you prepare well for your exams.1 Topics Covered in Financial markets and services notes/eBook for BBA students: FINANCIAL MARKETS...
  4. P

    Civil Services Preparation

    I want to prepare for civil services after 12th. Please guide me1
  5. niru-yadav

    Management financial services PDF eBook, Lecture Notes download for MBA

    Hello Friends, This is a awesome summarized eBook on the MBA subject - Management financial services. These lecture notes ane summary eBook on Management financial services will help you prepare swiftly for your MBA semester exams. The list of topics covered in Management financial services...
  6. tara_nautiyal

    Elements of financial services pdf lecture notes, ebook download for mba

    Dear friends! In this thread on studynama, i am sharing with everyone the lecture notes on the subject Elements of financial services. This ebook in the PDF format will help you in your studies and research on the subject Elements of financial services. 1 The following topics are covered in...
  7. akshay

    XML & web services quick revision PDF notes, book, eBook for BTech CSE/IT Engineering - Free Download

    Hello BTech Computer Science & IT Engineering students, I am sharing the XML & web services PDF class lecture notes, eBook, book as per the BTech CSE/IT Engineering course syllabus. These quick revision and summarized notes, eBook on XML & web services will help you score more marks and help...