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  1. cool.sardar

    28 Graph, Diagram & Map Samples for IELTS Writing Section Exam Academic Module Task 1 - PDF Download

    In the IELTS Writing Section Exam, for the Academic Module Task 1, you need to describe a graph; a diagram or a map and you are required to write at least 150 words in 20 minutes. Also, Graphs are far more frequent than diagrams; accordingly, thus I have compiled 20 graph descriptions and 6...
  2. cool.sardar

    20 Sample Letters (Formal, Semi-Formal & Informal) for IELTS Writing Section General Module Task 1 -

    In the first task of the IELTS General Module, a candidate needs to write a letter and is required to write at least 150 words in 20 minutes. There may be formal letter questions, semi-formal letter questions and informal letter questions in IELTS writing task 1 and these 20 letters uploaded...
  3. shaina.malhotra

    [DOC] Class 12 Chemistry Project on Testing Amount of Casein in Different Milk Samples

    Hi Students, I am sharing a chemistry project report on testing the amount of casein in different milk samples.1 Topic: To determine the amount of casein present in different samples of milk. Description : Casein is the main protein constituent of milk. It constitutes about 80% of the total...