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  1. shaina.malhotra

    Respiration in plants - Class 11 Biology Hindi ebooks, notes & PDF download

    Hello Guys, Download Respiration in plants - Class 11 Biology Hindi notes in PDF. The topics covered are as follows:1 Respiration in plants Glycolysis Pyruvic Krebs Oxidative Phosphorylation Anaerobic To learn more on above topics, Click to download Respiration in plants Biology Hindi notes...
  2. shaina.malhotra

    Mineral Nutrition of Plants - Class 11 Biology notes in Hindi, Ebooks & PDF download

    Hi friends, Learn more about class 11 biology topic Mineral Nutrition of Plants. I have uploaded the notes in Hindi. The following topics are covered in this chapter:1 Mineral Nutrition of Plants Soil pH Translocation Enhancers How soil affects nutrient absorption Translocation...