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  1. R

    Life and General Insurance ELECTIVE notes/ebook pdf download for BCOM

    Hi BCOM students, Here in this thread i am uploading high quality lecture notes for the elective subject Life and General Insurance. I am sure these quality notes on Life and General Insurance will help you prepare well for your exams.1 Topics covered: INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL INSURANCE SEVEN...
  2. shaina.malhotra

    Chemistry in Every Day Life - Chemistry class 12 hindi notes PDF

    Hi Guys, I am sharing Chemistry in Every Day Life chemistry class 12 Hindi notes in PDF. The following topics are covered in this attachment.1 Introduction Medicines and its classification Classification of medicine Nearologically active medicine Neurotransmetar Astrogen Question and answers...
  3. shaina.malhotra

    Life cycle of Angiosperms - Class 11 Biology hindi medium notes PDF download

    Hello Friends, Download Life cycle of Angiosperms - Class 11 Biology hindi medium notes PDF download. The topics covered in this are as follows:1 Structure of flower Methods of cross pollination Development of endosperm Development of floral organ in arabidopsis Angiospermic seed Seed...
  4. A

    Cell - the unit of life class 11 biology notes in hindi medium - pdf download

    Dear medical students, I am sharing Hindi notes for the topic - Cell: the unit of life for Biology students of class 11. These notes are in hindi and suitable for Hindi medium students as per the CBSE syllabus. You can study from these notes for your exams as well as prepare for entrance exams...
  5. akshay

    MBA Summer Training Project Report on Life Insurance Company

    Hello friends, Check out this interesting project on life insurance. This project is for all students pursuing MBA/PGDM course.You can download the complete internship project report for the link given below. I am sharing the content of the summer training project.1 Introduction About the...