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  1. matt_ielts

    IELTS Reading December 2017 Recent Exam Question Paper with Answer Key - PDF Download

    Hi Guys, The IELTS Reading section consists of 40 questions which have o be answered in one-hour duration. Various type of questions is asked in this section to test a wide range of reading skills. These skills include understanding the main ideas in the passage, reading for detail, skimming...
  2. matt_ielts

    IELTS General Recent Actual Test Question Paper December 2017 with Answers PDF Download

    Hi Friends, Here I am sharing an IELTS General Training Recent Actual Test Paper from December 2017. 1 This paper contains all the 4 sections, i.e., General Reading, Writing, Training, and Speaking. In addition, this actual test paper also contains model sample answers which will give you an...