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  1. reuben_eng

    Theory of metal cutting pdf notes/ebook download

    Hi friends, On this thread i am uploading high quality notes for the subject Theory of metal cutting. These notes are very good and concise and will definitely help you prepare for your semester exams.1 Key topics covered in the Theory of metal cutting notes, eBook below: Geometry of single...
  2. reuben_eng

    Welding and cutting process pdf download notes/ebook for ME/IP/AU

    hi friends Here i have uploaded lecture notes/ebook for the topic Welding and cutting process. These notes arer of high quality and will definitely help you to prepare well for your semester exams.1 Topics covered: Fabrication Principle of welding Brazing Soldering GAS WELDING Electric arc...
  3. rinky.arora

    Welding & cutting process lecture notes,ebook,pdf download for ME Engineers

    Hello Friends, You can now download the PDF format of ebook for the subject Welding & cutting process for Mechanical,Automobile and Industrial Production Engineering branch students.These lecture notes will help you alot and score really well during your examinations.The topics covered in just...