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  1. Shaina.malhotra

    Organic Compounds Containing - class 12th Chemistry hindi medium notes PDF

    Hello students, Attached below is Organic Compounds class 12th Chemistry Hindi medium notes in PDF. The topic is very well explained and thus there are three attachments for you to download.1 Click on each PDF to start downloading the attachment for organic compound notes in Hindi. Thank you
  2. Shaina.malhotra

    Coordination Compounds - Chemistry class 12 hindi medium notes pdf 3.50 star(s) 4 Votes

    Hi Friends, I am sharing chemistry class 12 coordination compounds in Hindi medium notes in PDF. There are two attachments in PDF.The topics covered in this chapter are as follows:1 Homoletptic and Heteroleptic complexes Effective atomic number Naming of complex species Isomerism...
  3. Shaina.malhotra

    [PDF] Aromatic Compounds in Hindi - Chemistry Class 12 CBSE eBook, Notes & Solved Questions 3.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Hello Guys, Download Class 12th Chemistry topic Aromatic Compounds notes in Hindi based on NCERT book for CBSE and state board students. These notes will help you prepare for medical entrance exams like AIIMS, AIPMT, AFMC as well as for your class 12 board exams. Also, at the end of each...