10 Tips for Writing a Reflective Essay on a Lecture


Sometimes everything might go not according to the plan. You might not meet the deadline for an essay. On the other hand, you would like to start writing to them as soon as possible. Read this post if you ask yourself “How can I use a boring lecture to write my essays online?” We have prepared ten useful tips for you.

Read the Books

To write a reflective essay, you need to look through a significant number of literature sources. Use the time you waste on lectures to read these books and highlight the essential ideas. You will not distract anyone unless you bring a pile of paper books with you. In this case, better take the last seat. 

Think over a Topic

A boring lecture is a perfect chance to brainstorm your topic. The monotonous voice of a lecturer will not be a distraction but will create a good atmosphere. Use the lecture to write down all the ideas that appear in your mind. Then, select the best ones and write them down to create a thesis statement and support it. The process is pretty monotonous and time-consuming. You would not like to waste your free time on it. 

Edit and Proofread Your Essay

These activities take much time as well. you can use the time spent on the lecture to read your essay several times and find the mistakes in it. On average, this activity will take at least two hours. Two boring lectures will be enough. 

Make Notes 

There is no better variant of hiding your essay preparation than taking notes concerning it during a lecture. You sit still and write something, and your professor will not witness you. Use the time of the lecture to develop your ideas and create a possible structure for the paper. As it is a paper about yourself, use the lecture time for recalling an interesting story about your life.

Write an Essay Itself

You can try writing the text of an essay during a lecture. Try to speak with your professor beforehand and explain to them why you need to do the other business during a lecture. We suppose they will understand and let you write an urgent task if you promise to work off a missed lecture. In this case, you can feel free to write the text of a lecture. Do not forget not to distract anyone. 

Learn the Requirements

The time you are wasting on the lecture can be used to comprehend all the requirements concerning your reflective essay. Each essay implies applying a definite referencing style to the in-text citations and bibliography lists. You can use the time to learn how to cite within a proper referencing style. Remember to learn the indication of different literature resources. Sometimes a professor gives own requirements to the reflective essay. Learn them as well.

Prepare to Present Your Essay

Some essays require public presentations. Have some training beforehand during a lecture if you are given this kind of a task. Read the text several times. Mind all the challenging parts to avoid sudden stops and hesitations. Think about the possible questions your audience might ask you. Make a summary of an essay and learn it if you have to present it without complete reading. Prepare some passages to convince your audience about the importance of your paper. 

Perform Some Writing Exercises

You might not waste your lecture to write an essay directly but to perform some interesting exercises to improve your writing skills. A good way to start being a writer is taking an object and writing its story. For instance, during a lecture, you will see a blackboard. Think about how it got to this lecture room. Guess what it was made of. Where the tree that gave wood to it grew? Sitting in a lecture room, describe your surroundings. Describe people who sit near you. Try to guess what they think about you. As you can see, with little imagination you can start writing interesting stories. An exciting story is the origin of every reflective essay.

Improve Your Language

You can use lecture time to improve your language. Surf the Internet for commonly misspelled words. Learn some speech tokens you might use in your writing. Learn how to write or type fast. With some silence, you can easily perform the exercises without being spotted by a professor. 

Polish Your Paper

You can rewrite your essay in other words if you cannot find what to do in a lecture. Try to guess a proper substitution for every sentence. It will help you to improve your initial text. You might find some glitches in logic or a better way to express a particular thought. You might find a better way of your paper’s structure. 

As you can see, there are many ways to contribute to essay writing during a lecture. Use these tips to make your paper better and do not waste any minute of free time. 


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