Australian Student Visa – 7 Most Important Terms & Conditions for Indian Students

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Moving abroad requires vigilant groundwork and the first step is to get admission in a recognized course in any of the Australian university. The second step is to apply for Australian student visa. Though, acquiring an Australian student visa (subclass 500) is not an exhilarating process, but can become tedious if you are not thoroughly updated about the terms and conditions.

Listed below are the 7 most important Australian Student Visa Terms & Conditions for Indian Students:

18105- Work limitation

  • Apart from the work registered as the part of course, a student is not allowed to work more than 40 hours in a fortnight (14 days- starting on Monday and ending at next Sunday).
  • A student is permitted to work more than 40 hours per fortnight only during the tenure of holidays registered by the university/institution/education provider.
  • A student is not permitted to start paid work in Australia until the commencement of the course.
  • None of these work limits apply, if the student is pursuing Masters by Research or Doctorate Course in Australia.

28202- Meet course requirements

  • A student must remain enrolled in a registered course. If the student is Foreign Affairs or Defence sponsored or secondary exchange student he/she must remain full-time enrolled in that particular course only.
  • A student must remain enrolled in the registered course that is the same level as, or at higher level than, the registered course for which yourvisa was approved.
  • A student must maintain the attendance that is stated in the terms & condition by the university/institution/education provider.

38501- Maintain health insurance

  • During the tenure of the stay in Australia, a student must maintain necessary arrangements about the health insurance.
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48516- Must maintain eligibility

  • The eligibility criteria on which the visa was granted should be satisfied at all times during the tenure of the stay of the candidate in Australia. For example:the sufficiency of funds to support your studies and living costs in Australia.

58517- Maintain education for dependants

  • If a student is accompanied by a dependent aged between 5 to 18, you must have enough funds to support their schooling arrangements for more than 3 months.

68532- <18 Approve welfare

  • For the tenure of your duration in Australia, a student whose younger than 18 years of age, must have accommodation and support and the welfare must been sustained.
  • To maintain the welfare: the student must stay in Australia with a parent or legal guardian or a person or relative aged above 21 years, with a good character who is nominated by your parents or have facilities like accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements settled and approved by the university/ institution/ education provider.
  • The student must not switch the accommodation or other general welfare arrangements without the written consent of the university/ institution/ education provider.
  • If the arrangements are made by the university/ institution/ education provider for the student, the student is not allowed to travel to Australia until the arrangements has been made.

78533- Inform education provider of address

  • The living address in Australia of the student must be informed to the university/ institution/ education provider within seven days of arrival.
  • If the address of the student changes, the same must be informed to the university/ institution/ education provider within seven days of the change.
  • If student change education provider within seven days of receiving of eCOE or evidence of enrolment he/she must informed the provider.
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