About iVAC

iVAC is an independent profile assessment and scoring service, comprising of officers with past experience of working at various countries high commissions in New Delhi. iVAC helps international education aspirants in assessing their visa application pre-filing to find any gaps or issues and suggest ways to improve it. We aim for 100% visa acceptance after iVAC assessments and review.

iVAC Score

The iVAC score is calculated based on an applicants education background, English proficiency level, family immigration history, financial capacity and some other key parameters.

iVAC score well help a student to identify the areas of improvement in his/her Australian student visa application. Based on a students iVAC score, an iVAC Officer will guide a student and suggest ways to improve their documentation and visa paperwork to improve chances of acceptance.

iVAC Feedback Report

Once you have got your iVAC score card. An iVAC counselor will interact with you for 30 -45 mins for detailed information which you have already submitted while calculating your score.

Once we have received the detailed information from you , we will then generate iVAC report for you to work on your visa application.

Based on the information supplied by you, the report will include Ministerial Direction 69 , English language requirements and financial capacity requirements of Home Affairs Department under SSVS program.

iVAC pre-lodgement report

iVAC pre-lodgement report is a assessment report with that client be capable of know about the mandatory and supporting documents for his visa application. Report will assist the people, to provide the clear picture about their profile.

For example:
- Where the client is lacking in documents?
- What documents the client can add in his/her visa application to support the application?
- Which are acceptable funds in visa application?
- What documents required for relationships?

Best in-breed Visa Guidance from iVAC Officers

iVAC Assessment & Score

Get profile assessment and visa guidance from trusted iVAC officers and enhance your chances of acceptance in first go.

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Expert Guidance & Advise from iVAC Officers

Know what you can’t see

Their are complex technicalities and high commission guidelines that need to be complied while filing a visa application. Logical and educated approach needs to be taken to tackle gaps in documentation and find ways to resolve them.

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Detailed Profile, Application & Documentation Analysis

iVAC Report

iVAC officers would scrutinize your profile and present a microscopic view of each important parameter from the perspective of student visa application. You will also get to know legitimate ways to resolve the discrepencies and gaps as well as improve the paperwork.

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1129 Students Benefited from iVAC Assessments

1129 students underwent iVAC assessments in 2017-18 with a 99.7% acceptance rate. You too can improve your chances of visa approval by undergoing iVAC assessments and scoring.