About Studynama.com – India’s MEGA Online Education Hub

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Studynama.com – India’s MEGA Education Website which powers budding Engineers, Doctors, Managers & Lawyers.

Studynama is a complete online education resource for CBSE/State Board school students, Engineers, Doctors, Managers and Lawyers that offers them a platform to engage in educational discussions and also offers them invaluable assistance with college presentations, notes and reports etc.

Having 125,000+ registered users, Studynama is on its way to establish itself as the most comprehensive and the biggest online education platform for students in India.

Studynama is updated daily, offering:

  • Latest articles on topics that matter to students
  • Educations tips and ideas to study well and perform at your peak in your career
  • Educational resources to assist you in your day to day classroom tasks
  • A strong community of like-minded students who can ideate, engage with each other and find solutions to common problems that they may be facing.

Studynama.com has entered into a joint venture with AB Educational Avenues Pvt. Ltd. to launch a new service – EdNxt Study Abroad specifically for  students wishing to study overseas and get trusted career advisory.