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About Studynama.com – India’s MEGA Online Education Hub

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Studynama.com – India’s MEGA Education Website which powers budding Engineers, Doctors, Managers & Lawyers.

Studynama is a complete online education resource for CBSE/State Board school students, Engineers, Doctors, Managers and Lawyers that offers them a platform to engage in educational discussions and also offers them invaluable assistance with college presentations, notes and reports etc.

Having 125,000+ registered users, Studynama is on its way to establish itself as the most comprehensive and the biggest online education platform for students in India.

Studynama is updated daily, offering:

  • Latest articles on topics that matter to students
  • Educations tips and ideas to study well and perform at your peak in your career
  • Educational resources to assist you in your day to day classroom tasks
  • A strong community of like-minded students who can ideate, engage with each other and find solutions to common problems that they may be facing.

Studynama.com has entered into a joint venture with AB Educational Avenues Pvt. Ltd. to launch a new service – EdNxt Study Abroad specifically for  students wishing to study overseas and get trusted career advisory.

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EdNxt Study Abroad

Your Trusted International Education Specialists

EdNxt Study Abroad is a joint initiative by AB Educational Avenues Pvt. Ltd. (Established in 1987, and Pioneers in Australian Education) and Studynama.com (India’s Mega Online Education Hub). Our mission is to provide international education aspirants with trusted guidance of internationally trained education specialists and simplify their university admission and migration process.

Career Planning & Advisory from Mr. Nikhil Malhotra –
world renowned life coach and career advisor

Free iVAC Visa assessment, rating and session with iVAC officers to improve your Visa application

Guidance for all top Australian government, regional and private universities to ensure seamless admission process

Free IELTS preparation planning and international career Kick-starter kit

Our Specialized Study Abroad Programs

The Global BCA Program

Exclusive International Program with up to 33% course fee saving for existing BCA as well as aspiring BCA students in India

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Grad with the Group of 8

Meet our internationally trained experienced education advisors to get admission in Australia’s Top Group of 8 Government Universities.

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Toppers ++


Australian university scholarships upto 25% fee for class 12 students who are expecting to score above 85%

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