iVAC Visa Assessment, Rating & Advisory with iVAC Officers

ivac-international-visa-assessment-center-banneriVAC is an independent profile assessment and scoring service, comprising of officers with past experience of working at various countries high commissions in New Delhi. iVAC helps international education aspirants in assessing their visa application pre-filing to find any gaps or issues and suggest ways to improve it. We aim for 100% visa acceptance after iVAC assessments and review.

What is the process of iVAC Assessments & Scoring?

1. Visit an iVAC partner in your city: Pay the applicable fee of Rs.8000 + taxes, and submit your iVAC application. You will also get an exclusive booklet prepared by iVAC officers – “The Australian Visa Success Master Guide” for your future reference.

2. Assessment & Counselling: The application is received by an iVAC officer (ex-high commission employees) who review and assess your application to generate your iVAC score and a 25-page detailed report with ways to improve your application and increase your chances of visa success. This is provided to you during a 30-minute private counselling session.

3. Improve application, file visa: iVAC officers will help modify your application and improve your paperwork. iVAC can also apply to your chosen university, and in certain cases, can help file your visa application as well.

Click the following link to know more about iVAC: iVAC Assessments and Score