About AB Educational Avenues Pvt. Ltd. (ABEA)

AB Educational Avenues Pvt. Ltd. (ABEA) was established in 1987,  to provide  help to students wishing to go abroad for higher studies. It pioneered this concept in India.

Ever-since, overseas studies has become one of the leading sector in India and AB Avenues has always been at the forefront. ABEA has been working with top level universities in all the five major destinations for Overseas studies – Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada, though major concentration has been Australia.

Arun Bhutani, Founder Director has been the founder member and Former President of AAERI, Association of Australian Educational Representatives of India. With one of the permanent member being Education Officer of Australian Education International in Australian High Commission, AAERI works very closely with Australian Govt. to ensure that it’s members follow ethical practices and give the best possible services.

Nikhil Malhotra, Director, is a world renowned life coach and career advisor. Nikhil has helped thousands of students chart a rewarding international career. (http://www.nikhilinspires.com)

ABEA has been following the best practices in giving the world-class services to the students wishing to go abroad and have been applauded many a times by our clients not just by words but by deeds as well. As a result around 70% of our Business comes through referrals by our old clients.