Programming fundamentals using C pdf,ebook,lecture notes download for CS/IT


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Mar 12, 2015
Hey Guys,

You can now download the lecture notes, ebooks, PDF of Programming fundamentals using C.This ebook is very useful for CS/IT engineering students & BCA/MCA students. The modules covered in this PDF are as follows:

Programming fundamentals using C

Introduction to C Language

Structures of ‘C’ Programming. Constants and Variables, C Tokens, Operators, Types of operators, Precedence and Associativity, Expression , Statement and types of statements.

Built-in Operators and function

Console based I/O and related built-in I/O function, Concept of header files, Preprocessor directives, Decision Control structures, The if Statement, Use of Logical Operators, The else if Clause.

Loop Control structures

Nesting of loops , Case Control Structure, using Switch Introduction to problem solving, Problem solving techniques (Trial & Error, Brain storming, Divide & Conquer), Steps in problem solving (Define Problem, Analyze Problem, Explore Solution), Algorithms and Flowcharts (Definitions, Symbols), Characteristics of an algorithm.

Simple Arithmetic Problems

Addition / Multiplication of integers, Functions, Basic types of function, Declaration and definition, Function call, Types of function, Introduction to Pointers, Pointer Notation, Recursion.

Storage Class

Automatic Storage Class , Register Storage Class, Static Storage Class, External Storage Class.