[PDF] Principles of Management Notes, Book, eBook for Engineering - Free Download


I am sharing the PDF notes/eBook of Principles of Management as per the syllabus of Engineering students. This eBook notes for Principles of management will help you in your studies for your engineering semester examination and assist you in getting good marks.

The following topics are covered in these notes & eBook of Principles of management (POM):

  • UNIT I OVERVIEW OF MANAGEMENT - Organization, Management, Role of managers, Evolution of Management thought, Organization and the environmental factors, Managing globally, Strategies for International Business.
  • UNIT II PLANNING - Nature and Purpose planning, Planning process, Types of plans, Objectives, Managing by objective (MBO) Strategies, Types of strategies, Policies, Decision Making, Types of decision, Decision Making Process - Rational Decision Making Process, Decision Making under different conditions.
  • UNIT III ORGANIZING - Nature and purpose of organizing, Organization structure, Formal and informal groups / organization, Line and Staff authority, Departmentalization, Span of Control, Centralization and Decentralization, Delegation of authority, Staffing, Selection and Recruitment, Orientation Career Development, Career stages, Training, Performance Appraisal.
  • UNIT IV DIRECTING - Creativity and Innovation, Motivation and Satisfaction, Motivation Theories Leadership, Leadership theories, Communication, Hurdles to effective communication, Organization Culture, Elements and types of culture, Managing cultural diversity.
  • UNIT V CONTROLLING - Process of controlling, Types of control, Budgetary and non-budgetary control techniques, Managing Productivity, Cost Control, Purchase Control, Maintenance Control, Quality Control, Planning operations.
This PDF notes book/eBook for Principles of Management for Engineering students can be easily downloaded below.


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Amazed when I stuck on this website and found structured notes and ebook on Principles of management..