MS-Office lecture notes,pdf,ebook,download for CS/IT engineers


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Mar 12, 2015
Helloo Students,

MS-Office is one of the most important subject in CS/IT engineering branch & BCA/MCA students. So, i thought to share this excellent ebook in the PDF format for you all to download and study. These notes cover the following topics.


Introduction to Computers

What is a Computer, Characteristics of Computer, History, Computer Generation Types. Basic Computer Organization, Functional units of Computer, Memory System in Computer, Capacity of Primary Memory, Secondary Storage, Input-Output Devices. Introduction, Definition, Functions.

Introduction to Ms-Office

Design Goals of MS-OFFICE, Components of MS-OFFICE: MS-Word, MS-Power Point, MS-Excel, and MS Access. What is word Processing, Advantages of Word Processing, Importance of Word Processing.

Introduction to Ms-word

Menus, Shortcut menus, Toolbars, Customizing tool bars, Files, Creating and opening documents, Saving documents, Renaming documents, Working on multiple documents, Close a document, Text,Formatting Paragraphs, Styles, Lists, Tables, Graphics Spelling And Grammar, Page Formatting ,Macros, Table Of Contents, Web Designing, Mail Merge: Why Use the Mail Merge Feature, Creating the Data Source Document, Beginning the Mail Merge Process ,Create the Data Source ,Using the Data Entry Form, Saving g the Data File, Editing the Data File.

Introduction to Ms Power Point

Auto Content Wizard, Create a presentation from a template, Create a blank presentation, Open an existing presentation, AutoLayout, Screen Screen, layout Views, Working with Slides, Adding Content, Working with Text, Color Schemes, Graphics Slide Effects, Master Slides, Saving and Printing.

Introduction To Ms-Excel

Spreadsheet Basics,Customizing Excel,Modifying A Worksheet,Formatting Cells,Formulas and Functions,Sorting and Filling,Charts,Page Properties and Printing.

Introductions to Ms-Access

Getting started, Blank Access database, Access database wizards, pages, and projects, Open an existing database, Converting to Access 2000 Screen Layouts,Creating Tables, Datasheet Records,Table Relationships,Sorting and Filtering ,Queries, Forms, Form Controls, List, Sub forms, Reports, Importing.

Introduction to Front Page

Page Properties, Text, Hyperlinks, Tables, Graphics and Pictures.