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Nov 18, 2018
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Marketing research is an important subject in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) curriculum. It involves the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to inform marketing decisions. Marketing research helps businesses to identify consumer needs, preferences, and behavior, as well as market trends, competition, and opportunities.

The subject covers various research methods, including surveys, focus groups, observational research, and experiments. It also includes data analysis techniques such as statistical analysis, regression analysis, and factor analysis. Marketing research is essential for developing effective marketing strategies and making informed business decisions.

On this thread, I am sharing PDF notes for Marketing Research as per BBA syllabus. This PDF notes eBook on BBA Marketing research contains the following topics:

  • Unit I - Introduction of Marketing Research: Define Marketing Research, Aims and Objectives of Marketing Research. Applications of Marketing Research, Marketing Information System, Evaluation and Control of Marketing Research, Value of Information in Decision Making, Steps in Marketing Research. Research Design: Formulating the Research Problem, Choice of Research Design, Types of Research Design, Sources of Experimental Errors.
  • Unit II - Sample and Sampling Design: Some basic terms, Advantages and Limitation of Sampling, Sampling process, Types of Sampling, Types of Sample Designs, Determining the Sample Size, Sampling Distribution of the Mean. Scaling Techniques: The concept of Attitude, Difficulty of Attitude Measurement, Types of Scales, Applications of Scaling in Marketing Research.

  • Unit III - Data Collection: Secondary Data, Sources of Secondary Data, Primary Data, Collection of Primary Data, Methods of Data Collection- Observation, Questionnaire, Designing of Questionnaire. Data Processing and Tabulation: Editing, Coding and Tabulation.
  • Unit IV - Data Analysis: Testing of Hypothesis, Measurement of Central Tendency, Dispersion, Univariate Analysis, Multiple Regression, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, Conjoint Analysis; Interpretation and Report Writing, Types of Research Reports.
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