Machine Dynamics-1 Ebook/notes pdf download for ME/IP/AU

Mar 15, 2017
Hi friends

On this thread i have uploaded high quality notes/ebook for the subject Machine Dynamics-1. It is a very important subject of the course and i am sure these notes will help you prepare well for the semester exams.

Topics Covered in Machine Dynamics-1 Notes/eBook:

Mechanisms: Basic Kinematic concepts & definitions, mechanisms, link, kinematic pair, degrees of freedom, kinematic chain, degrees of freedom for plane mechanism

Kinematics analysis: Determination of velocity using graphical and analytical techniques, instantaneous center method, relative velocity method, Kennedy theorem

Inertia force in reciprocating parts: Velocity & acceleration of connecting rod by analytical method, piston effort, force acting along connecting rod, crank effort, turning moment on crank shaft, dynamically equivalent system, compound pendulum, correction couple, friction, pivot & collar friction, friction circle, friction axis.

Friction clutches: Transmission of power by single plate, multiple & cone clutches, belt drive
Brakes & Dynamometers: Classification of brakes, analysis of simple block, band & internal expanding shoe brakes

Gear trains: Simple trains, compound trains, reverted train & epicyclic train

These notes on Machine Dynamics-1 can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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