Basics of people management pdf ebook & notes download


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Hi fellow mba students!

I have got some eBooks, notes and study material for the MBA course students. In this thread, I am sharing the study material and notes for the subject Basics of people management.

The attached eBook of Basics of people management contains self-prepared notes that will help you understand the concepts theories and help you score well in examinations.

The PDF version of the notes is attached for easy download and contains the following topics:

Attracting and Retaining People - Managing People - An Introduction; Recruitment and Selection; Recruitment and Selection Method; Sample Application Forms; Documentation of Personnel Required; Orientation and Induction; Orientation and Induction.

Developing People - Concepts of Identifying Training & Development Needs; Learning Styles and Processes; Steps in Development: Planning, Recording; Monitoring and Evaluating Learning; Development: Planning, Recording; Monitoring and Evaluating Learning; Factors of Designing Development Programs in Groups: Group Development, Group Processes and Behavior; Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity; Teams: Developing Effective Teams.

Motivating People - Motivating People: An Introduction; Application of Motivation in Organizations; Job Design and Redesign; Allocate Work: Planning and Work; Orientation in Organizations; Empowerment and Delegation; Leadership: An Introduction; Leadership Styles; Performance Management Systems

Evaluating Performance of People - Performance Management Systems: Feedback Approaches; Counseling and Coaching; Coaching for Human Performance; Mentoring: Process and Types of Mentoring.

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures - Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Organizations; Discipline; Grievance and Grievance Resolution; Concluding for Managing People.