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May 20, 2017
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Hello dear students, I have prepared Unit wise notes for Personal Selling and Salesmanship by myself. The topics covered are as per the latest CBCS syllabus. the notes are divided into five units.

UNIT – I Introduction to Personal Selling: Nature and importance of personal selling, Difference between Personal Selling, Salesmanship and Sales Management, Characteristics of a good salesman, types of selling situations, types of salespersons, and limitations of Salesmanship.

UNIT – II Motivation: Concept of motivation, Maslow’s theory of need hierarchy; Dynamic nature of motivation. Buying Motives: Buying motives and their uses in personal selling.

UNIT – III Sales Force Management: Importance of selection of salesman, Recruitment and selection of salesman, Selection process of salesman.

UNIT – IV Selling Process – 1: Prospecting and qualifying; Pre-approach; Approach; Presentation and demonstration. Selling Process – 2: Handling of objections; Closing the sale; Post sales activities.

UNIT – V Sales Reports: Reports and documents; sales manual, Order Book, Cash Memo; Tour Diary, Daily and Periodical Reports. Ethical aspects of Selling.

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