Why Cloud Computing Is the Best Solution for Modern Application Development

Why Cloud Computing Is the Best Solution for Modern Application Development

Cloud computing has become important in a modern world where people are using data for nearly all aspects of their lives. Whether at work or in the car, people are using data to make their daily lives easier and more productive. Businesses, for example, use cloud computing to make their data accessible for employees in the office, at home, or on the road. Both application developers and consumers alike should take the time to understand cloud computing because of its significant impact on today’s world.

What Is Cloud Computing?

With a traditional computer system, resources, such as hard drives and processors, cannot be upgraded without incurring significant costs because additional hardware resources must be added to the physical system itself. Cloud computing, in contrast, allows computing resources to be accessed from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Applications can, therefore, rent computing resources from the cloud only when they are needed so that costs can be minimized. Most cloud servers run in cost-efficient computing centers, so the overall cost of cloud computing and storage is, in general, lower than with traditional computer systems. Consequently, many businesses that formerly managed their own servers are now using cloud services available from major providers instead of doing it themselves.

Storing Data in the Cloud

Modern broadband Internet makes it easy to upload large files to cloud systems without significant delays. To make uploading and downloading data faster, many cloud storage providers keep multiple copies of information at separate data centers around the world so that it can be accessed with lower latency. Reduced latency also makes it easy for applications to pool the storage and processing resources of servers from around the world to offer enhanced data feedback. Cloud storage offers the advantage of almost unlimited storage potential since hundreds of terabytes of storage space can be made available in seconds at most centralized computing centers. Despite the robust power of cloud storage, it is generally easy to work with for both developers and consumers alike.

Cloud Computing vs. Conventional Computing

Cloud computing has significant advantages over conventional computing that make it the best choice for application development in most cases. Users demand robust functionality from modern applications, but conventional computing systems rarely offer the resources necessary to achieve high functionality without sacrificing performance. Since cloud infrastructures can be scaled at any time, the almost unlimited processing and storage capacity of a cloud system can give powerful applications a performance boost. System consistency is another advantage of cloud computing since developers can rely on their software running on the same type of server and operating system. Instead of developing multiple versions of software for different operating systems, complex processes can be completed on servers in the cloud and conveyed to users through a web browser.

The NuoDB Solution

There are significant logistical concerns that must be accounted for when attempting to develop scalable applications in the cloud. Traditional relational database management systems, such as IBM DB2 and Oracle, only allow storage resources to be increased by restarting a system. NewSQL and other database management systems enable live scalability, but many of these solutions offer poor performance. Therefore, many developers are choosing to use major cloud providers such as Amazon Aurora or Google Cloud SQL, but these providers have a reputation for making it difficult for developers to move their data elsewhere.

Why Use NuoDB?

NuoDB is a relational database management system designed for high-performance scalability. Unlike with many solutions available in the current marketplace, clients of NuoDB do not have to worry about difficulties associated with moving their data to a new provider. NuoDB’s highly scalable solution enables growing businesses to stay agile with a system that has earned a track record for high rates of customer satisfaction.


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