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LLB Law Campus News & Hottest Trends

LLB Law Campus News & Hottest Trends

Latest news and hottest trends across Law colleges in India are covered in this section

10 Tips to prepare for campus placement interview and get 100% selection!

A final year student is mostly worried about their career. After enjoying the fun at college life only a few students pursue further studies, but most of them want to enter...

8 obsolete and weird laws in India

Our country India has quite a few strange laws that might force you to think a little harder, as they make no sense in the present social scenario. The Indian laws were...

LLB Special: 5 things you will understand if you are a Law student

Law studies can get extremely tiring and monotonous with all the cases, amendments and scenarios plaguing your brain. So, here we have, in order to divert your attention from the monotony, have...