Thomso 2016 annual cultural festival of IIT Roorkee, 20th-23rd October’16

Name of college- IIT Roorkee Event Name- Thomso 2016 Event Dates - 20th - 23rd Oct 2016 Theme - Thomso 2016, Song of the whildflower Thomso is the annual youth festival of Indian Institute of...

Top 10 technical or tech. fests in India, you just cannot miss

India has grown into an IT hub. Technologies have given a new color and shape to this country. There are number of colleges in India contributing to make our country a...

IIT Delhi Vortex 2016 technical fest

Vortex is the annual festival of the Electrical Engineering society, IIT Delhi. With events ranging from workshops to technical competitions, from comedy shows to treasure hunts the fest is designed to...

Techkriti 2015 tech & management fest, IIT Kanpur, 19-22 March 2015

Techkriti is the annual inter-collegiate technical and entrepreneurial festival organized by the students of IIT Kanpur.About Techkriti 2015: In this 21st century, brimming with technocrats and entrepreneurs Techkriti enters its 21st...

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