Thomso 2016 annual cultural festival of IIT Roorkee, 20th-23rd October’16

Name of college- IIT Roorkee Event Name- Thomso 2016 Event Dates - 20th - 23rd Oct 2016 Theme - Thomso 2016, Song of the whildflower Thomso is the annual youth festival of Indian Institute of...

10 Most happening college cultural festivals that you cannot miss!

India is a land of color, cultures and festivals. Dance, Drama, Music, are the soul of our country and its people. Therefore, almost all colleges exhibit their festivity via college cultural...

Mood Indigo 2016 – IIT Bombay cultural fest

Event name: Mood Indigo 2016, IIT Bombay Event Dates: 20th-23rd December 2016 Website: www.moodi.orgMood Indigo, the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay has grown into being Asia’s largest and most anticipated festival. What...

Rendezvous’16 IIT Delhi cultural fest

IIT Delhi's cultural fest. It's coming sooner than you think! #theRDVstoryDon't you ever feel that you've lost track of yourself as a person? You refuse to look around and get drawn into...

Ragam 2015, cultural fest – NIT Calicut – 26-29 March 2015

Ragam, started in 1977, has since grown into a mega cultural festival with over 60 events, exciting workshops, numerous exhibitions and much more. Each Ragam leaves behind something, which has made...

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